What Happened in Canelo vs GGG Fight 1 and 2?

Canelo Alvarez vs. Gennady Golovkin III is on the cards and is all set to happen in September this year. Unfortunately, what will happen and the other relevant information about the fight is still not public. However, we can still quench the thirst for knowledge of our readers by telling them about what happened in the 1st and 2nd fights. 

Why does it matter? 

It matters for people who have just entered the scene and don’t know much about the past. It is all about the joy and zest of the fight that one can truly appreciate if one knows the fighters’ past. If you know what happened in the past fights, you will enjoy the present fight even more. 

What happened in fight 1? 

Canelo Alvarez and Gennady Glovkin are professional boxers who fought for the WBC and IBF. IBO, Ring magazine, and the lineal middleweight title. The fight occurred at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas on September 16, 2017. HBO televised in the United States, BoxNation in Britain, and Space in Latin America.

Compubox reported that Golovkin defeated Alvarez in 10 rounds. However, the fight ended in a controversial draw. Adalaide Byrd scored 118-110 for Alvarez, and Dave Moretti scored 115-113. Many critics called the decision a robbery.

This led to a rematch that is famously known as Fight 2. 

Fight Purse – 1st Fight 

  • Canelo Álvarez ($5 million) vs. Gennady Golovkin ($3 million)
  • Joseph Diaz ($200,000) vs. Rafael Rivera ($15,000)
  • Diego De La Hoya ($80,000) vs. Randy Caballero ($50,000)
  • Ryan Martin ($50,000) vs. Francisco Rojo ($25,000)

Post Fight

Alvarez said he wouldn’t fight again in 2017 and would be back on Cinco de Mayo weekend, May 2018. Alvarez stated through a translator that he needed to rest after the fight. After that, we’ll do whatever the fans and people ask. That’s how I like it. It’s unclear if the rematch will take place in May or September at this time. One thing is certain – this will be my era.” Golovkin’s promoter Tom Loeffler said that they would love an immediate rematch. However, Golovkin reiterated his desire to fight in December.

What happened in fight 2? 

Canelo Alvarez vs. Gennady Golovkin II was a professional rematch in boxing between Canelo and Gennady. It took place at the T-Mobile Arena, Paradise (Nevada), on September 15, 2018. Alvarez won the majority decision.

Original plans called for the fight to be held on May 5, 2018. However, Alvarez failed to pass a drug test for Clenbuterol in March 2018. This was two months before the fight. As a result, the Nevada Athletic Commission suspended Alvarez for six months. Alvarez withdrew in writing from the fight but negotiated a rematch for September after his suspension expired.

Fight Purse – 2nd Fight 

According to the Nevada State Athletic Commission, Alvarez earned a $5 million purse, and Golovkin received a $4 million purse. Therefore, Alvarez could have made around $40 million, while Golovkin could have earned $30 million from the profits of the PPV.

Post Fight

Alvarez stated, via a translator, that he had shown his victory by proving facts during post-fight interviews. He was the one backing down. He was backing up. I am happy because I gave a great fight. It was a clear win.” He said, “That was a great bout. It was a Mexican victory. It was an opportunity. My opponent is the best boxer in the world. Tonight, I proved that I am a great boxer. I will fight again if the people ask for another round. For now, however, I will enjoy my time with my family.

Golovkin didn’t participate in the post-fight interview and made his way backstage to receive stitches for a cut on his right eye. Later, he said that he would not reveal who had won despite the loss because Canelo was declared the winner. Nevertheless, it was very exciting and a great fight for fans. “I thought I fought better than him.”

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