Why Canelo vs GGG 3 Is A Must Watch Event?

Just a few days left for the biggest boxing event in history. It’s always exciting when two top fighters in the world come out to the ring and more than that it’s the third and decider fight which gives a clear picture that, who is best in this business.


The highly anticipated match-up between Canelo Alvarez and Gennady Golovkin is set to take place on September 17th, and here are the reasons why it’s a must-watch event’.

Canelo vs GGG 3 must watch boxing event

The First Reason

There Is Bad Blood Between The Two

There is no question that there is bad blood between Canelo and GGG. This all started after their first fight, which resulted in a controversial draw. Canelo and GGG both felt that they won the fight, and the tension has been brewing ever since.

The Second Reason:

The Stakes Are Higher Than Ever

The stakes are higher than ever in this fight, as the winner will not only be crowned the Middleweight Champion of the World, but will also have bragging rights over their rival.

The Third Reason:

Both Fighters Are At The Top Of Their Game

Canelo and GGG are both at the top of their game and are coming off of impressive wins. Canelo got defeated by Dmitri Bivol in their unification bout, while GGG knocked out Steve Rolls in his last fight.

The Fourth Reason:

It’s The Fight The Fans Want To See

This is the fight that the fans have been clamoring for, ever since the first fight ended in a draw. The fans want to see a clear winner, and they will finally get their wish on September 17th.

The Fifth Reason:

It Will Be A Historic Fight

This will be a historic fight, as it will be the first time that two Middleweight Champions have met in the ring three times. Canelo and GGG have already cemented their legacies, but this fight will only add to it.

The Sixth Reason:


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So, there you have it, six reasons why Canelo vs GGG 3 is a must watch event. Be sure to tune in on September 17th, 2022 to see who will come out on top.

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